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Beebro Fundraising

We put the fun back into fundraising with our easy-to-sell and profitable Beebro exclusive honey products.

All 3 products $18 each. No minimum order.

The tastiest small batch and special honey.

From the deep, robust flavours of our manuka honey to the light, floral tones of our woodland varieties...

Our range of unique honey is full of the taste of New Zealand. Nothing added, nothing taken away. All our suppliers
are small and down to earth, and so are we. When you buy from us, you know you're getting authentic honey direct from the farm. Our raw honey is handled with the utmost care all the way from the hive to the honey jar. It comes to you with all the benefits and taste of 100% pure, authentic New Zealand honey.


100% Natural

Raw Honey

High Premium


Product of

New Zealand

Directly From

The Farms

Pure, authentic Manuka Honey.

From the farm, not the factory.

All our manuka honey carries either a UMF or MG rating, giving you confidence that

it's the real deal. Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) and methylglyoxal (MGO) are the

active compounds that occur naturally in manuka honey. They can both be measured,

so you know you're getting all the health benefits of genuine mānuka honey.

It's easy being green. Pure and simple.

Sustainability means protecting the bees, and the land that they live on. The humble honey bee has done a lot for humans, and now it's time to return the favour.

New Arrivals

Sweet as! Pure New Zealand honey from the farm, not the factory.

All our pure honey is 100% pure and natural, whether it's the brilliant Beebro of native Northland nectars, a taste of Onuku's volcanic landscape or foraged from other natural environments such as Avocado orchards and Lavender fields by Bee Fresh bees.

Fussy? So are we.

Just like you, we’re really fussy about where our honey comes from. The beekeepers we work with are too - they take traceability seriously so when you dip into a jar of their delicious honey, you can rest assured that we know where it’s been, every step of the way.


Traceability is where nature and technology meet - just look at the clever folk at Onuku.
Their Origins system mixes smart packaging with even smarter technology so with a flash
of your phone you can see exactly where your honey comes from and that it’s 100% pure, natural and authentic.

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