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Exciting Fundraising Opportunity

Calling all fundraising champs!
#Bee Yourself 

We put the fun back into fundraising with our easy to sell and profitable Beebro exclusive honey products. All products $15 each. No minimum order.

A MASSIVE $5 from every purchase goes back to your non-profit organization.

  • Beebro 'Fundraising' Honeycomb 340g - The most nutritious & fun way to get your sweet fix.

  • Beebro 'Nutters Club' Rewarewa Honey 500g - Decadent gooey toffee-like flavours.

  • Beebro 'Fundraising' Lavender Honey 500g - Special light, delicate and aromatic.

Beebro Fundraising.jpg

Campaigns are normally run online with a reference name reconciled for a final tally. No minimum orders,
No handing of cash. 

NOTE our award-winning Lavender Honey
is only available until the end of April as a season product. Back then in October!


Contact us for samples today! 

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